Nov 2018: MANATEE webinars, e-NVH training, Synchronous reluctance machines

Webinars on MANATEE software

New webinars have been organized to present MANATEE software latest features for the variable speed NVH design of e-motors under electromagnetic excitations in January and February 2019. Registration can be done through our webinar webpage.

MANATEE software GUI and post processing screenshot
MANATEE software GUI and post processing screenshot

E-NVH technical trainings

There are still some available places to attend to our technical training session on electromagnetic Noise, Vibration, Harshness (e-NVH) held in English in our office in Lille, France (1 hour from Paris). All training dates, content, and registration details are available on EOMYS training webpage. The training is suitable for both NVH engineers and electrical engineers.

Examples of spectrograms taken from EOMYS e-NVH technical training
Examples of spectrograms taken from EOMYS e-NVH technical training

Ongoing MANATEE developments

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  • Synchronous reluctance machines: MANATEE electromagnetic models (coupling with FEMM and fast permeance/mmf model are being extended to SyRM, a topology that is increasingly investigated in automotive electric powertrains
  • New Frequency Response Function format: MANATEE FRF are being extended to all outer yoke points (instead of RMS average velocity in radial direction) to make more post processing available after calculations, in particular Operational Deflection Shapes
  • Coupling with Nastran/Actran: MANATEE can already provide magnetic forces in .unv format, it is now being coupled more specifically to Nastran and Actran from MSC software.
  • New template for e-NVH maps: a third template to specify control parameters in torque/speed plane is being added. MANATEE unique noise map feature allows to quickly predict the NVH behaviour of the electric drive over its four quadrant of operation.

Conference and events

After three years of work, our PhD student E. Devillers defends his industrial PhD entitled "Electromagnetic subdomain modelling technique for the fast prediction of radial and circumferential stress harmonics in electrical machines" on 13th December 2018 at Ecole Centrale Lille, France, 14h CET.

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