e-NVH design of variable speed PMSM using MANATEE software (Fev 2019)

MANATEE software GUI and post processing screenshot

EOMYS organizes a webinar on the application of MANATEE software for the electromagnetic Noise, Vibration, Harshness (e-NVH) design of variable speed Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines (IPMSM) entitled e-NVH design of variable speed IPMSM using MANATEE software.

The webinar of 45 min takes place on 27th of February 2019 9.30 AM (GMT+1) and 16.00 AM (GMT+1).

The webinar deals with the following:

To register and receive connection link, please fill the following form:

Specify the slot/pole combination you would like to see analyzed during the webinar (e.g. 12s10p)

Feel free to suggest a specific topic to discuss during the webinar (e.g. tooth sampling effect, GCD rules).

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