e-NVH root-cause analysis of electrical machines using MANATEE software (4/8)

e-NVH e-NVH technical webinar 4/8
Objective e-NVH root-cause analysis of electrical machines using MANATEE software
Date 5th May 2020
Hour 9:30 GMT and 16:00 GMT


The webinar includes:
- A theoretical part of 30 mn on e-NVH
- An application with MANATEE software over 20 mn
- An open question part over 10 mn


Theorical part

- Forced excitation and resonance, notion of modal force
- Air-borne and structure-borne noise
- Transfer paths of magnetic noise and vibrations
- Sources of electromagnetic excitation harmonics (winding, slotting, switching)

Application with MANATEE software

- Root cause analysis methodology
- Order Tracking analysis, spatiograms
- Magnetic load case contribution (e.g. UMP, torque ripple) and modal contribution
- Automated harmonic analysis, used-defined harmonic filters and offline harmonic analysis

140. Order Analysis
Order Analysis


Other information

Specify the slot/pole combination you would like to see analyzed during the webinar (e.g. 12s10p)

Feel free to suggest a specific topic to discuss during the webinar (e.g. tooth sampling effect, GCD rules).

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