The permanent team of EOMYS Engineering team is made of:

- J. Le Besnerais (CEO, Ph.D. electrical engineering)
- E. Devillers (Ph.D. electrical engineering, scientific computing)
- P. Bonneel (scientific computing)
- K. Degrendele (NVH, consulting service owner)
- A. Trummer (customer relationship & communication)
- M. Glesser (Ph.D. acoustics, NVH)
- P. Gning (Ph.D. electrical engineering, consulting service owner)
- R. Pile (Ph.D. electrical Engineering, applied mathematics, scientific computing)
- F. Irakoze (scientific computing)
- H. Toubin (Ph.D. fluid mechanics, scientific computing)
- B. Gabet (scientific computing)
- Z. Zahar (Ph.D. student in structural dynamics)
- C. Marinel (Ph.D. student in signal processing)
- C. Moreau (structural dynamics)

EOMYS team during a visit at Pochéco
EOMYS team during a visit at Pochéco

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