The Manatee software V2.0 beta testing program (Feb 21)

The MANATEE software beta testing program has been successfully started on February 9. Thanks to the commitment of our beta testers, the software development team of EOMYS will finalize the official release of Manatee V2.0 by March 16.
MANATEE software will become the first python software dedicated to simulation and analysis of electromagnetic noise and vibrations.

Version V2.0 is primarily aimed at electrical engineers. Several versions will be released during 2021 with dedicated features for other engineering profiles, such as mechanical, acoustic and NVH/test engineers.

Thus, Manatee will become a valuable pioneering software for all engineers who need to monitor the noise level of an electrified system during its whole development cycle by the end of 2021. Manatee software will include both diagnosis and mitigation techniques for every design step.

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