Licensing and modules

Leasing options

EOMYS proposes from 6-month to 3-year leasing options of MANATEE software specialized in the vibro-acoustic and electromagnetic design of electrical machines (e-NVH due to Maxwell forces). Leasing option allows to acces to all MANATEE modules.

Contrary to a standard software maintenance, the 6-month (resp. 12-month) leasing option includes a 8- hour (resp. 16-hour) package of consulting hours which can either be used for advice on NVH design of e-motors (more than just IT support) or customized software development (for instance, implementation of a new post processing).

Based on our past experience of MANATEE support, our customers regularly ask some questions on noise due to electromagnetic excitations or some advices on best noise mitigation techniques to be investigated in their particular application, which are not directly related to IT support. With this leasing mode, EOMYS can more freely discuss and share its expertise of electromagnetic noise issues.

Demonstration option

As the electrical machine topologies of the trial version are frozen, if you want to have a better idea of MANATEE performance on your specific application, a refundable consulting workpackage to simulate and interpret the electromagnetic and vibro-acoustic behavior of your specific machine using MANATEE is proposed. The cost of this consulting work is deduced from the software license cost in case of MANATEE purchase. This way, EOMYS show you how to use MANATEE and the most relevant NVH post-processing on your application to troubleshoot NVH issues. The full consulting workpackage includes the following :

  • implementation of your machine geometry in MANATEE
  • set-up of the simulation project
  • variable speed electromagnetic and vibro-acoustic simulation along torque speed curve under sine current supply
  • analysis of main magnetic force harmonics and potential issues
  • delivery of a technical presentation with main simulation results (Powerpoint)
  • 1h conference call to present & discuss results and show you how the simulation has been defined and run in MANATEE
  • delivery of the simulation and machine data files defined by EOMYS if a MANATEE license is leased for at least two years

Research license options

Free fixed-term research licenses can be released depending on the scope of the research project. EOMYS is more particularly interested by research project involving experimental measurements, and software solution benchmarking. For a research license request, please use the contact form.

MANATEE software module list

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