How to easily compare simulation inputs and outputs?


This article shows how to use MANATEE software specialized in electric motor e-NVH simulation to easily compare different simulation inputs or outputs.


Simulation inputs can be compared offline (without additional calculations), this can be useful to interpret differences in outputs or check how different simulations have been set-up. Simulation outputs can be compared offline (when simulation already been run, and outputs are available) or online (by running all chosen simulations and comparing their outputs). Comparing different simulation outputs require some specific graphical post processing, especially when considering multiphysic key outputs at fixed speed or variable speed.

Complementary to a more complex parameters sweep set-up focusing on combinatory calculations with scalar outputs, MANATEE offers the possibility to automatically compare simulation variable speed outputs when varying a specific input parameter.

Example of MANATEE comparison graphical post processing
Example of MANATEE comparison graphical post processing

GUI implementation


Scripting implementation

Comparison of simulation results

To automatically compare offiline simulation results that are already available as .mat files: compare_sim_projects({'Simu1.mat';'Simu2.mat'});

To run different simulation objects and compare their results: compare_sim_projects({'Simu_proj1';'Simu_proj2'});

Influence of electrical machine type

To vary the electrical machine of the reference simulation project ’default_proj’ by replacing its electrical machine ’Machine1’ by ’Machine2’ and ’Machine3’, the following command can be used:


Influence of a user-defined input simulation parameter

To vary the input parameters static eccentricity rate (named ’sta_ecc_rate’ in MANATEE input variables) on the reference simulation project ’default_proj’ with 0%, 10% 20% and 50% values, the following command can be used:

compare_sim_inputs('default_proj','sta_ecc_rate',[0 0.1 0.2 0.5]);

Plot commands

There is no particular plot commands in this simulation comparison mode.

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