Noise map (A-weighted sound power level) in torque speed plane (plot_VS_ASWL_map)

Post-processing documentation
Matlab commandplot_VS_ASWL_map
Module VS.pp
Description PLOT_VS_ASWL_MAP draws the map of A-weighted sound power level in torque / speed plane (noise map)
See also plot_VS_ASWL_spectrogram,plot_VS_torque_ripple_map,plot_VS_MT_harmonics_map


This MANATEE software post processing provides a fast calculation tool to draw "noise maps" similarly to "efficiency maps" used in traction applications (especially EV HEV NVH). For PMSM the input of the calculation is the current angle and torque tables stored in an Excel sheet at different speed and phase current.


The following noise map a 48s8p IPMSM traction machine is generated in 30 seconds on a standard laptop:

Noise map of a 48s8p IPMSM traction machine
Noise map of a 48s8p IPMSM traction machine

In this example one can distinguish two types of resonances: ones which are independent of the torque level, linked to open circuit operation (pole/slot interactions), and ones which depend on the torque level (armature/pole/slot interactions).

Empty parts of the noise maps correspond to missing calculation points in torque/current tables.

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