Customers of EOMYS R&D services include universities, large companies and innovative SMEs in the transportation (railway, automotive, naval), industry and energy sectors:

EOMYS references
EOMYS references

EOMYS expertise was involved in the following projects:

- NVH simulation of electrical powertrain, root-cause analysis and counter-measure solutions
- measurement of electromagnetically-excited noise and vibration, analysis and redesign proposals (up to 40 dB reduction)
- vibroacoustic and electromagnetic multiobjective optimization of electrical machines using MANATEE software
- technical trainings on noise and vibrations due to magnetic forces in electrical machines
- development and validation of heat transfer models of electrical machines
- cooling design and optimization of electrical machines
- efficiency improvement of electrical machines
- development of electromagnetic and thermal models of transformers
- multiphysic optimal design of passive components


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