Advanced experimental measurements

Besides its modeling and simulation activities, EOMYS can run some multiphysic experimental measurements. These tests can be carried for pre-certification purpose (e.g. check fulfilment of IEC 60034-9 acoustic noise limits), for investigation purpose (e.g. acoustic noise troubleshooting in electric motors) or for numerical model fitting (e.g. extraction of modal parameters).

In particuliar, EOMYS can do the following measurements in terms of
- vibro-acoustics: acceleration, acoustic pressure and power
- electromagnetics: current, voltage, electrical and magnetic field intensity
- heat transfer: temperature, flow rate, fluid speed, static and dynamic pressure

Vibroacoustic analysis include run-ups, Order Tracking analysis, spectrograms and sonagrams, spatiograms, Operational and Experimental Modal Analysis (OMA/EMA), Operational Deflection Shapes (ODS), Transfer Path Analysis (OTPA, ATPA) and Sound Quality analysis.

EOMYS test equipment includes:

  • OROS OR35 acquisition system with noise and vibration analysis software NVGate, including EV/HV NVH module
  • three-axis or mono-axis piezoelectric accelerometers (Bruel and Kjaer), including miniature accelerometers
  • voltage and amperemeter clamps (Chauvin et Arnoux)
  • free-field microphones (PCB)
  • electrodynamic shaker (LDS) and impact hammer (DJB)
  • infrared temperature sensor (Optris) and thermocouples

Measuring activities generally include the following steps:

  • design of the test campaign
  • instrumentation of the system
  • field measurements
  • off-line post-processing and analysis
  • technical reporting including recommendations

To troubleshoot more efficiently electric motor noise issues, EOMYS combines e-NVH testing with e-NVH simulation under MANATEE software.

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