MANATEE software

To support its consulting activities, EOMYS has progressively developed a fast multiphysic (electromagnetic & vibro-acoustic) simulation software of electrical machines, called MANATEE - Magnetic Acoustic Noise Analysis Tool for Electrical Engineering.

MANATEE can quickly calculate noise and vibrations due to magnetic forces and helps understanding the root cause of electromagnetically-excited noise. Its application allowed EOMYS to obtain up to 40 dB reduction after redesign of an electric motor during its consulting activities.

EOMYS has successfully analyzed the vibroacoustic behaviour of more than 50 electrical machines from 20 W to 40 MW nominal power, from 2 cm to 9 m diameter, from 5 rpm to 150 krpm operating speed using MANATEE software.

MANATEE software is now commercialized and distributed by EOMYS for electrical machine designers and NVH test engineers who need to evaluate and understand the vibroacoustic behaviour of rotating machines due to magnetic forces, both in early design phase and detailed design phase.

A more detailed presentation is available on MANATEE webpage.

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