e-NVH trainings and EV/HEV NVH trainings

Based on its experience of magnetic noise and vibrations in electrical machines (more than 100 cases analyzed since 2013), EOMYS regularly organizes high-level technical trainings on e-NVH for both electrical engineers, control engineers and mechanical engineers. Trainings on MANATEE e-NVH software specialized in e-NVH simulation and control are also proposed.

The detailed training content, sessions calendar and registration process for these regular standard trainings focusing on EV HEV NVH issues can be accessed at

Customized trainings

EOMYS provides some customized technical trainings in English that can be directly delivered at your workplace or through videoconference.

In particular, EOMYS can train your engineers on noise and vibrations due to magnetic forces on your specific application and e-machine topology (e.g. EV/HEV NVH for automotive applications). The full program of this training is available in the following document for electrical machines:

This training can include a practical e-NVH testing part (e.g. on an electric vehicle for EV/HEV applications, on customer e-machine, or on EOMYS e-motor testbench), as well as an application day using MANATEE simulation software specialized on electrical machines NVH analysis.

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